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Dear colleagues,

I prepared archive of an old and most interesting discussions (title and hyperlink) on LinkedIn Hydrogen Embrittlement group, that are no longer available (Please click on hyperlinks – red letters)::

  1. I am researching the corrosion of mixed-metal structures involving die-cast magnesium alloy lap-riveted to HSLA steel by hardened-steel rivets.
  2. Does 45H property Class prone to Hydrogen Embrittlement??
  3. Hello all, Does anyone know What level of hydrogen will cause embrittlement of 300M? What the hydrogen level is after manufacture? Is there a source I could quote for both?
  4. Is it better to have a lot of fine inclusions to ‘safely’ soak up any remnant hydrogen from steelmaking or a few larger ones giving the hydrogen the impetus to diffuse to the surface?
  5. Hi dear all, any previous experience of Hydrogen attack of alpha-Titanium alloy containing Zr and Al (alloying elements) ? thanks
  6. Hydrogen embrittlement of Ni base alloys
  7. I am new to this forum. Any feedback on how can the effects of hydrogen embrittlement on 300 series (specifically 304L) be predicted for high temperature hydrogen events?
  8. Do steelwire rope suffer from hydrogen pick-up when severely corroded?
  9. An interesting report on indications found on forgings of the reactor in Doel 3
  10. In honor to Howard K. Birnbaum, Hydrogen Effects on Deformation and Fracture: Science and Sociology, MRS Bulletin / Volume 28 / Issue 07 / July 2003, pp 479-485, DOI:10.1557/mrs2003.143
  11. Stress Induce Martensitic Transformations in Hydrogen Embrittlement of Austenitic Stainless Steels
  12. Hi all! I am wondering, does anybody know of any results quantifying the effect of solubility of hydrogen in steel, as a function of temperature for temperatures below 200C?
  13. Is it true that the hardness of the material increases because of H-embrittlement?
  14. What is the exact place of baking in the Zn-coating process? Is it allowed to make an additional Zn-coating step after the baking of the parts?
  15. How surface treatment plants assure normally that the baking is done really within 1 hour after the Zn-coating?
  16. Permanent reduction in ultimate strength from repeated exposure?
  17. Is there any shopfloor test available to detect HE of fasteners?

Milos Djukic

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