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We are proud that our recent paper: “Hydrogen Embrittlement of Industrial Components: Prediction, Prevention and Models” published in CORROSION Journal is featured in the latest edition of Kudos Spotlights #6

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10.  Professor Milos Djukic


Hydrogen Embrittlement of Industrial Components: Prediction, Prevention and Models

What’s it about?

A background for the analysis of the viable hydrogen embrittlement mechanisms: hydrogen-enhanced localized plasticity (HELP) and hydrogen-enhanced decohesion (HEDE) in a ferritic-pearlitic carbon steel and the development of a model for structural integrity analysis is a literature overview about the current state of the art in hydrogen embrittlement modeling and studies (141 References), presented in this paper.

Article Citation:
Milos B. Djukic, Gordana M. Bakic, Vera Sijacki Zeravcic, Aleksandar Sedmak, and Bratislav Rajicic, Hydrogen Embrittlement of Industrial Components: Prediction, Prevention and Models. CORROSION. 2016; 72(7): 943-961., http://dx.doi.org/10.5006/1958

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