Hydrogen Embrittlement & Materials Science blog discuss matters related to materials science and hydrogen embrittlement mechanisms of metallic materials.

This blog is a branch of Network of Excellence (NoE) in Hydrogen Embrittlement.


The Network of Excellence (NoE) in Hydrogen Embrittlement aims to strengthen scientific and technological excellence by developing an integrated and interdisciplinary scientific understanding of hydrogen degradation of engineering materials and their co-evolution with science, materials science, industry and society, and also by addressing the fragmentation of European and Worldwide research in this area.

The Network of Excellence in Hydrogen Embrittlement is structured so that it consists of the following branches:

  1. Hydrogen Embrittlement Group on LinkedIn
  2. Hydrogen Embrittlement  – Understanding and research framework Project  on ResearchGate
  3. Hydrogen Embrittlement Group on Mendeley
  4. Hydrogen Embrittlement and Materials Science Blog on WordPress
  5. Research Topic titled “Hydrogen Embrittlement Mechanisms” (now closed) in collaboration with Frontiers in Materials Journal within Corrosion Research section
  6. Damage and Fracture Mechanism Group on LinkedIn

For more details about NoE in Hydrogen Embrittlement  branches check this link (click here).

The purpose of this blog is to share knowledge.
Any information obtained from this blog is expressed as an opinion only and no warranty, 
expressed or implied, is given as to its suitability for any particular purpose.

Even though the information presented here is correct to the best of my knowledge, I do not pretend to have the last word. I urge all my readers to leave comments, start discussions, and help me correct mistakes. I strongly believe in the spirit of open collaboration.

Milos Djukic is Associate Professor at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Engineering Materials and Welding & Welding and Welded Structures Module, Serbia. He writes on topics of materials science, corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. 

This site is not about me, it is about materials science and hydrogen embrittlement; but if you like to learn who I am and what I do please visit my LinkedIn profile, ResearchGate for full list of scientific and research papers or my about.me profile.




If you like to contribute content to the site or have any suggestions please contact me.

In addition, I plan on having guest posts once per quarter (or so) to cover special topics.


Milos Djukic

Network of Excellence (NoE) in Hydrogen Embrittlement founder, owner and coordinator

All text and The Network of Excellence in Hydrogen Embrittlement Copyright © 2013 by Milos Djukic – All Rights Reserved

Creative Commons License

All pictures and logos in this post, Copyrights by Milos Djukic all rights reserved © 2013, 2014

Unless stated otherwise, all charts, photos, and tables are published under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. They are free to use for non-commercial purposes. You can also modify the work as long as you share it under the same license.

Hydrogen Embrittlement & Materials Science by Milos Djukic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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